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I’m a fifty-something on a journey to transform my life through healthy living. I’ve been on this journey since 2010, and I can truly say that it’s far from over.


I grew up in Florida enjoying all that goes with that – – biscuits and gravy and fried EVERYTHING. My journey is that of someone who has struggled with weight since, I was in my twenties . The ups and downs. . This isn’t my first try at this, but I’m hopeful it’s my last.


I’ve joined Weight Watchers more times than I care to admit. I’ve always had good intentions about how I was going to lose the extra weight I was carrying around, but my execution of said My  terrible. All my weight packed on due to 3 pregnancy’s  on top each other not healthy choices also medication changes that the doctor never told me about that cause weight gain epilepsy can suck on person body. My highest came in 2001 weighed  at a whopping 290 lbs.

Before-After  |Vicki shrinks


Wow does a young girl gain that kind of weight? I’ve read a lot about emotional eating to know that I gravitate to this indulgent world. Over time, those habits got the best of me. From eating out at restaurants nightly to fast food to too many slices of cake, I ballooned up over time. I’m only 5’4″, so 250 is well beyond any appropriate weight for my height and launches me significantly into the “obese” sector.

I took a family pictures that shocked me. They say a picture speaks a thousand words; this one screamed at me that enough was enough.I could have easily made enough excuses that it justified my return to fast-food eating and overindulging. I’m so glad that I adapted the program to fit my lifestyle and that I’ve made it work. Did I mention I’m glad?

Before- journey| Vicki Shrinks

I love to try new healthy recipes to keep me engaged in the process. Eating the same foods all of the time bores me quickly, so I often try low-fat, low-calorie recipes I find on the web or in cookbooks I pick up locally. I feature a lot of the recipes I try on this blog, so be sure to try the ones I post. I only post the ones I LOVE, of course.

Calories In, Calories Out

Follow plan and stuck to a 1200-1500 calories a day plan, tracking all of my food intake and exercise via To this day, I still wear a activity trackers daily (which syncs my steps to MyFitnessPal.) Prior to my diet I was completely sedentary.

Before diet | Vicki Shrinks

After I started to see some success, I began moving with light exercise ( walk around
To date, I’m down more than 80 lbs, and I feel incredible. It’s amazing how easy it is to say “Vicki Shrinks ” now that I’ve chosen healthy living.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to lose weight, you may have found the right place. Now, I’m not someone who loves carrots and has always thought working out was fun. I’m someone who’s growing into her healthy lifestyle one day at a time.

Before – After | Vicki Shrinks

As I always say, keep reading… the GOOD STUFF is just around the corner!
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